Teaching classes, holding fundraisers, cook-offs, and other events to raise safety awareness and provide for families in need are among the many ways that trial lawyer Howard E. Spiva gives back to his Savannah, Georgia community. In 1999, the founder of Spiva Law Group decided to do more than practice law and protect the rights of his clients; he started the Justice For Children Foundation to prevent injuries and to promote safety. Continue reading

A driver distraction is anything that diverts a driver’s full attention and focus from driving safely.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says 6,000 people died in crashes in just 2008 involving reports of distracted driving. NHTSA also estimates up to 30 percent of crashes nationally are at least partly linked to distracted motorists. That number grows larger every year. Continue reading

Attorneys Across America are joining to put kid’s Heads in Helmets!

The Justice 4 Children Foundation is proud and excited to announce the growth in our Heads In Helmets campaign, where we’re taking our award winning charitable efforts and spreading them throughout the country to make kids safe and to do as much good as possible! Continue reading